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We Provide Quality
Surgical Care to poor Patients

Our commitment to our patients at No Cost to them

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Dowites Operation Theatre complex
has 14 state-of-the-art operation theatres

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Bringing light into lives

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Our commitment to
patients at no-cost to them

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About Dowites78

A Unique Enterprise

Dowites78 Operation Theatre Complex, Civil Hospital, Karachi has been established as per the pledge of Dowites78 i.e. the graduating class of 1978 of DOW Medical College, their supporters, friends and philanthropists to provide FREE OF COST quality surgical care to the destitute and underprivileged patients coming to Civil Hospital, Karachi. The Operation Theatre Complex, with its 14 fully functional Operation Theatres equipped with state-of-the-art equipment is currently catering to Cancer, General Surgery, ENT, Pediatric, Ortho, Maxillofacial, Vascular and Plastic Surgeries. Around 14,000 surgeries are performed per annum Free of Cost. The goal of providing state of the art surgical care to the poverty stricken would not have been attained without the moral and financial disposition of humanitarians.

To broaden the horizon of available discipline and maximize the number of surgeries performed, it is imperative that all theatres function smoothly for which we require regular funds to fulfill obligations like the purchase of disposables and other related machinery and equipments and a well trained staff. The financial constraints act as a hindrance in our aim to provide state-of the art quality surgery to the poor patients. It is here that the civil society can step in and assuage their altruism by donating to DOTS and hence assist us in continual of our services.

The Dowites78 Operation Theatre Complex consists of 14 Operation Theatres, each around 400sq. ft in size attached with an anesthesia induction room, scrub area, exit lobby and a store. The Operation Theatres have been equipped with requisite modern equipments. Medical gases and suctions are centralized. All operation theatres are equipped with the modern Heat Ventilation Air Conditioning (HVAC) system units. The Recovery Suite, located between the two wings of theatres, consists of two suites and has the capacity to manage 21 post-operative patients at a time. Continuous electric supply for ongoing surgery has been rendered possible with the provision of 450 KVA diesel power generator.

There are two autoclaves working in the Central Sterile Supply Department (CSSD), and the latest addition is the installation of Ethylene Oxide plant to economize the cost of disposables. Outsourcing of HVAC system, biomedical department, telephone exchange, security, closed circuit television - CCTV cameras, maintenance of elevators and the presence of high tech staff is all possible at reasonable expense. The supplemental in- house janitorial department to keep the complex immaculate also needs further support.

An auditorium with a seating capacity of 200 is built on the third floor of the O.T. Complex where live demonstrations of surgical procedures from any of the O.Ts can be viewed with two way audio communication between the surgeons in the O.Ts and the audience sitting in the auditorium. The O.T. Complex also conducts seminars and live surgical conferences, workshops, teaching sessions, lectures and monthly clinical meetings, which are attended by students, doctors, and both national and international delegates.

A Gastrointestinal Centre, also known as the Endoscopy Suite is also fully functional where diagnosis and endoscopies are performed on a regular basis.

DOTS collaborated with the Edhi Foundation and laid the foundation stone for the Evening Shift Project ”Nawa-e-Zindagi” to enhance the number of surgeries performed where, by the grace of Allah, over 150 additional surgeries are performed on a monthly basis.

In conclusion, DOTS aims to promote and extend the operation theatre complex by improving the existing facilities and by modernizing and up-grading the surgical methods and facilities in line with the international standards and designs for the general welfare of the public at large while also resuming the present facilities provided. For this reason, DOTS seeks the benefaction and financial assistance and shall urge the masses to extend their hands in the way of humanity by donating to DOTS.