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You Can Provide Support At Every Step Of The Journey

DOTs help people with a panel of highly-qualified surgeons and expert technicians. Be it diagnostic tests and learning about the potential risks, or surgical procedures to those in need, a helping hand is always there. The advanced surgical theatres and quality of life sets DOTs apart from other organizations and YOU can be a part of this too!

Due to high levels of inflation, the cost of equipment, medicine and disposable surgical items has been constantly increasing, putting us under financial constraints. In this regard, we seek your financial assistance and cooperation in order for the smooth functioning of our operation theatres.

Every day, nearly a hundred of patients walk through the doors of Dowites78 Operation Theatre Complex with hope in their hearts to live again. Our ‘Sponsor a Surgery’ Program allows you to assume direct responsibility for the treatment of one or more patients. This is the treatment that most of the poor patients cannot afford otherwise. We need your kind support for the continuation of this noble cause.

1 Minor Rs. 10, 000

2 Medium Rs. 20, 000

3 Major Rs. 30, 000

4 Extra Major Rs. 55, 000